Great flexibility in use: It’s now easy to move loads of any size and weight just connecting MAGS modules.
With the plug’n play connection kit, 2 or more MAGS modules can be quickly connected on existing equipment.

MAGS magnetic lifter range consists of 4 different models, with load capacities from 400 up to 3200 kg, for loads up to 3 meters long.
However, when there is a need to handle loads beyond this size or with greater weights than the capacity of a single magnet, it is possible to easily join 2 or more modules, allowing loads up to 6 meters long. An effective and economical solution that is also easy to install on crossbars and on slingbars already in use.

All the advantages of magnetic lifters with connection kits

  • The modules can be used individually in different contexts and, when necessary, connected together in a matter of seconds.
  • There is no need for dedicated control equipment or a specific electrical installation.
  • The 2 magnetic lifters can be installed on a standard crossbar, often already present at the workshop, without any special adaptation.
  • The connection kit is plug’n play: simply connect the cable to the connector on both MAGS modules and one of them will automatically switch to ‘Master’ mode and the other to ‘Slave’ mode. The Master module, which can be controlled with its own remote control, detects both magnets’ weight and force data, compares data and evaluates if you are operating in a safe condition.
  • The connection kit has a specific connector to be linked with the crane, able to stop the operations when the system is in alarm mode.

MAGS, the most high-tech magnetic lifter on the market

MAGS is an excellent choice for many reasons:

  • Thanks to the unique FRS (Force Reading System), the magnetic lifter automatically compares the weight of the load and the magnetic force, authorizing handling only in safe conditions.
  • With the Anti Deactivation System, accidental demagnetisation and consequent unexpected release of the load during handling is prevented.
  • It is possible to adjust the force to lift single sheets from a stack with thickness from 4 millimeters and above avoiding use of slings and preventing load damage or deformation.
  • It is standard equipped with a remote control that allows a single person to operate at a safe distance from the load, avoiding the risk of accidents.
  • MAGS magnetic lifters are equipped with long-life, zero-maintenance Supercap batteries.

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