Hi-tech magnetic lifters

MAGS is the new battery-operated electro-permanent magnetic lifter for handling ferrous loads in Industry 4.0 environment.

Independent of power supply sources, MAGS lifters can be moved to different production areas, even outdoors, and hooked up to jib cranes, overhead cranes, lifting beams, forklifts and other handling systems. The reduced overall dimensions allow them to work in tight spaces, even with complex shaped loads.

MAGS magnetic lifters are manufactured by AGS, a leading company in Automation & Robotics solutions.

Perfetto anche per lamiere

Adatto alla movimentazione di blocchi / stampi / profili, dispone di un selettore di profondità del campo magnetico su 10 livelli.
Selezionando opportunamente il livello è possibile movimentare anche carichi di spessore contenuto, come lamiere e bandelle.
Inoltre tale funzionalità permette la selezione di un singolo elemento dal pacco (sfogliamento del carico) a partire da 4mm di spessore.

Force self-assessment

Every load is different: rough surfaces, corrosion, paint and other elements reduce the quality of the contact between magnet and load, making the clamping of the workpiece complex and not safe.
The innovative Force Reading System automatically compares the load weight and the magnetic force, authorising the handling when in full safety conditions.

The operator can work in complete confidence!

Also suitable for sheet metal

MAGS lifters are suitable for handling blocks, molds and profiles of various thickness. Thanks to the exclusive magnetic field depth selector, it is also possible to handle loads of limited thickness, such as sheets and straps, without difficulty.

There are up to 10 programs available to lift individual load elements, starting from 4mm thick.

Concentrated power

The permanent-electro technology combined with an alternating square pole system ensure maximum concentration of clamping power even with rough surface workpieces.
Electricity is only required for activation and deactivation, for few seconds.
Even when the batteries are discharged, the load is retained, in total safety.

Graphene batteries

Mags lifts are powered by graphene supercapacitors.
Supercapacitors are lightweight and efficient batteries that, compared to nickel-cadmium or lithium ones, require no maintenance and can be charged in few minutes.
They have a useful life of 10 years under normal use.

They also do not overheat: no risk of explosion

Built to last

The magnetic base is covered by a steel structure that combines lightness, practicality and mechanical strength.
The system is protected at 360° by a steel bar that also acts as a handle for easy handling.
Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, it has high mechanical resistance to accidental impacts.

Safety with no compromises

The ADS Anti Deactivation System lets possible to activate MAG and DEMAG cycles only when the load is on the ground.
With the radio control, the operator always works at a safe distance from the load. The shatterproof steel control panel is backlit with high-intensity LEDs for greater visibility.
The status lamps are visible at 360°.

Industry 4.0 compliant

MAGS is designed for interconnection with the factory logistics system and can be interfaced with the crane or automated handling systems via the most common field buses: Modbus TCP/IP and Modbus RS-485.
The MAGS lifters’ internal memory records all operations: date, time, type of activity, force applied, load weight and alarm signals.
The data collected can be easily consulted afterwards, by connecting the lift via a common USB cable to a PC.
You can check the usage rate and keep track of any misuse.

See MAGS in action!

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